Sardinia has always differentiated for the continuity of its traditions, culture, language, "Savage Land" which keeps the original flavor of its natural products.

ORONEROsardo encloses the "purity", the "rarity", and the "integrity" of the black berries of myrtle Sardinian wild. A higher concentration of wild black berries, hand-picked and selected by skilled gatherers, allowed us to get a Myrtle Liqueur special, from the "deep color", from the "aroma" and the "unique and special flavor" enclosed in a bottle with particular characteristics that the many years of "Traditions and Passion" of San Martino can exalt.


Oronero sardo Liqueur of black and wild Sardinian Myrtle berries

White Glass Elit Bottle plus little box
30% col - 50 cl
cartons of 6 bottles