The desire of an entrepreneur is to see his company grow luxuriant. Maria Antonietta and Alessandro have worked hard in these 30 years and with their innovative and propositive spirit they have made the necessary know-how to achieve the goals:

Always produce quality
To Believe firmly in new products
Streamline relationships with customers and suppliers

Today, The San Martino, taking care of the origin of raw materials and adapting to market and trend demands, produces a wide range of handicraft products. The myrtle, the king of Sardinia liquors, is our top product. We propose it in many variants, Mirto al Volo, Mirto spray, Mirlizia, Ciokomir, Mielì, Fruits of Mirto. Until the last born, a myrtle at 18 ° (M18), low alcoholic, delightful, trendy and to meditate.